What is Python? Complete Information

What is Python Complete Information

Do you want know what is python? In technical field and want to do jobs like web development , machine learning ,and data science. So you Should Know everything about python. Which you well get to know in this tutorial Introduction to Python.Python Programming Language

Python is a one of best popular and very easy to use computer programming language. Python can be mostly used for back end development, software development, writing  system  script  and big data processing etc. Python can handle a large amount of data and large number of tasks efficiently.

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When you want to learn a new programming  language. Your first task should be to understand the basics’. It gives you the reason why you need that particular language.

It means it gives you clarity about your career which is most important. So before you start learning python in 2023. It is very important that you have some basic knowledge about it. Like what is python and how does it work? Uses of python . why learn python , and how to learn python easily? Which you will find here in this article.

So without wasting  your time? Let’s start this What is Python Complete Informationintroduction to python lesson and know the definition of python.

Introduction of python

Python is an interpreted , object – oriented , high level programming language with dynamic semantic. It is often used as a support  language  for  software developers in control and management. Testing , other ways.

In other words . python is a powerful programming language that is easy to learn. It has efficient  high –level  data structures and a simple yet  effetive approach to  object – oriented – programming language

Do you want to build websites and software ? want to automate tasks?  Want to do more data analysis?  So looking for a highly productive programming  languages  as compared to other programming languages like C , C++ and Java etc.  if  “ yes” then you are at the right place. Python language excellent for you.

Come , what is python ( “ what is python “) know in detail.

What is python?

Python is a general purpose , high level, and  popular computer programming language.  It was created by Guido van Rossum , and released in 1991. Python often used to build software and website , automate task. And perform data analysis.

Python programming also has versatility like c language , its beginners – friendly and easy to learn & use. Has made it one of best widely used programming language today.What is Python Complete Information

Basically, python is an interpreted programming language. Which means that as a developer, you write python program code in a test editor and save the file with (“ .py ”) Extension. Then put those file in the python interpreted  to execute them.

There are many features of python , which make python easy and most popular programming language.

Lets us understand with an example:

Note : if  you do not have python installed in your system . first  follow  this  tutorial : install python and understand python syntax  >>> print(“Hello, World!”) and variables first (( “ y = “John”
print(x) “))

Example of python

Uses of Python 

Till now you must have understood very well what is Python, now we know about its benefits.

Python is a popular language. The world’s biggest tech companies use Python. Python is used in the following works –

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning – Python is a simple language, it is used in many machine learning and AI projects. Python is a popular language for machine learning.
  • Programming Application – Many types of applications can be programmed using Python.
  • Python language is also used in Data Analytics.
  • Data Visualization – Due to the flexibility of Python language, it is also used in Data Visualization.
  • Web Development – In Web Development, Python is used to strengthen the Backend.
  • Desktop Application – Python is also used to create different types of desktop applications.

Feature of Python?

There are many features of Python language. About which a person learning Python needs to know.

1 Easy to Code (Easy to code)
Syntax of Python is very easy. Its code is also very easy to write. The coding of Python is easier than other programming languages such as C Language, C++ Language, Java etc.

2Free and Open Source (Free and Open Source)
Python is an Open Source Programming Language. You can use it for free. You can download its source code, use it and share it with others.

3Object-Oriented Language (object-oriented language)
An important feature of Python is that it is an Object-Oriented Programming Language. It supports concepts like Classes, Object Encapsulation.

4Portable Language (Portable Language)
Python is a portable language. Like if you have Python code in Windows, then you can use the same code in Linux, Unix, Mac, etc. There is no need to change it.

How does Python reduce (How Python works )?

Python  does not convert its code into  into machine code that the hardware  can understand. Actually it converts its code  into byte code . So within Python, there is compilation  , but it’s not just a machine language.

It is in byte code  ( .pyc  or .pyo  ) and this byte code cannot be understood by the CPU . So we need an interpreter  called Python virtual machine  to execute the  byte code .

In simple words, Python source code goes through 3 steps  to generate Python code executable :

Step 1:  In this step, the Python compiler  reads and examines a source code or instruction.

Step 2:  If there is no error in the code, the compiler  translates it into its equivalent form in an intermediate language called “ byte code ”.

Step 3: The byte code is  is then sent to the Python Virtual Machine (PVM)  which is the Python interpreter. PVM converts Python byte code to machine-executable code.What is Python Complete Information

So Python mainly works like this. I hope you understand ?

So the answer  is – many big organizations of the world do use Python in some form or the other. Some of these big companies are Google, NASA, Netflix and countless other big organizations use Python language  to power their services.

So let’s know, what is the reason behind this.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of Python, including:

Its simple syntax  : Python is relatively easy to read and understand, because its syntax is as easy to understand as English.

Its versatility  : As we’ll see in more detail, Python has many uses. Whether you are interested in artificial intelligence, or web development, you can find a use for the language.

Python is easy to learn:  it has only a few keywords, the structure is simple, and its syntax is very simple that anyone can understand easily.

Portable : Python  : Python can run on many different types of hardware platforms and has the same interface on all platforms.

Its Ease of Use  : For those who are new to coding  and programming, Python can be an excellent first step. It’s relatively easy to learn, which makes it a great way to start building your programming knowledge.

There are many different things you can use to make  Python easier to use.

For example, it can be used for AI  , web development, machine learning, operating systems, mobile application development, and video games, etc.

If you are still confused about Python whether  you should learn Python in 2023 or not? So come here I have given you some important points, which will help you in taking a decision. What is Python Complete Information

Why  Learn Python?

In short, learning Python  is essential for any students and professionals to become a good software engineer .

In short, learning Python  is essential for any students and professionals to become a good software engineer .

List of some of the major advantages  of learning Python :

1 : Many job opportunities will be available  : As mentioned earlier, Python can be used in many emerging new technologies, such as AI, machine learning and data analytics, it is likely to be a future-proof skill. So learning Python now can benefit you throughout your career.What is Python Complete Information

2: Python can make for a well-paying career:  Data suggests that the entry-level median annual salary for Python developers  in India is INR 427,293  per annum, the mid-level  What is Python Complete Information Python developer salary is INR 909,818  per annum, and finally, The average Python developer salary in India for experienced is INR 1,150,000 .

3 : Honestly, Python developers are in demand  : Around the world, in many fields, developers with Python skills are in great demand. If you’re looking to start or change careers, this can be an important skill to have to help you.What is Python Complete Information

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